MV Reef Encounter is the Ultimate way to see the Great Barrier Reef


Liveaboard Scuba Dive & Snorkel, Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia ....... Because 1 day is never enough!

Great Barrier Reef dive and snorkel adventures .... join us for a liveaboard adventure today

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Step aboard Reef Encounter, our floating boutique resort, for your Great Barrier Reef experience. Live and sleep on the reef and see it at its best – day and night! Reef Encounter is an excellent alternative to a resort based holiday and a fantastic upgrade from a day trip. With daily departures from Cairns by boat or helicopter, stay for one or as many nights as you like in superbly appointed staterooms all with ensuite, or indulge and upgrade to the luxurious Top Deck Club.

Accommodating only 42 guests at any time, Reef Encounter, Australia's premier scuba dive and snorkel liveaboard is large enough to provide all the comforts of the largest Cruise ships yet small enough to enable access to spectacular reef locations inaccessible to other vessels. With Reef Encounter, guests have the opportunity to experience two full days and to sleep on the reef, giving them more time to relax and enjoy the experience, in and out of the water. This is especially important for beginners as they have plenty of time and encouragement from friendly staff to help them get used to the water.

Onboard: All Staterooms are located on the outside with large ocean views, fresh gourmet prepared meals, air-conditioned throughout with large dining room, bar and lounge, easy access snorkel/dive platform, heli-pad, snorkel and dive equipment, glass bottom boat tours, Guided Snorkel tours, Resort, Learn to Dive and Certified diving or simply enjoy your Resort at the Great Barrier Reef on the sundeck or in the spa watching the sunset over the Reef!

For an extra touch of luxury, upgrade to an exclusive Top Deck package. Top Deck guests are treated to champagne on arrival, breakfast in bed, dinner under the stars and a personal valet/dive or snorkel guide at all times to ensure an experience nothing short of breathtaking!  Check our live availability 



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Awaken on The Great Barrier Reef


Dusk and dawn in most ecosystems are the busiest times of day
and the coral reef is no different!!