The best way to see the Great Barrier Reef

Excellent crew,everyone was outstanding,super friendly,helpful and professional.

Food was great,dive staff were excellent.Great energy from everyone on board.

Thanks so much for the amazing experience.Definitely recommend to friends.Couldn’t imagine a better way to see the reef.

Adam & Michael  U.S.A  26.12.13

Open Water dive course

Fantastic and enthusiastic crew,very helpful.Good food and good service.

Everything was great.The open water course was awesome,good instructors.

We loved the stay,very nice snorkelling in this lovely area.

A great experience,thanks for the stay.

Kristoffer/Tone/Guro  Norway  26.12.13

Learn to Scuba Dive

Absolutely great crew.Everything was just perfect,especially the amazing food.Special thanks to the chef!

Lucy you are a great dive teacher,now I have got a new passion.I will come back another time.

Thanks a million for the great time!

Anja  Germany  26.12.13


The crew were very,very nice!

I had a great time here.Learned to dive,met nice people.The crew,the service and food was just perfect.

Loved it,Merry Christmas!

Hatice  Switzerland  26.12.13

Amazing Trip

Awesome crew,they made the trip all that much better.

It was a great Christmas day and night with your group of professionals on the boat.

Would recommend highly.Happy Christmas to you and your team.Thanks for the amazing trip!

Lane U.S.A. 26.12.13

Reef Encounter

Helpful crew,they were polite,really excellent.Tori was great.

The boat was clean and well run.The gear was new and excellent.Dive guides were good.

The food was outstanding.Overall experience was A+.Will definitely recommend.

Daniel  U.S.A.  17.12.13          *****

Great Barrier Reef Encounter

The crew were friendly and super helpful.

Thanks to Dean the chef,best food in all of Australia,Tori,Lucy,Elin.Glen,Macca and Christian were all amazing as well.

They were all helpful,engaged, and the customer was always first.Thanks again!

Rob  U.S.A.  17.12.13

Reef Encounter

Freaking awesome crew! Albert is a legend.Crew really were amazing.Keep it up,we will be back for sure.

The food was great.The knowledge of the reef from all staff was amazing,Ryan the chef is a keeper.Thanks!

Dom & Emily  Australia  23.12.13

Great Reef Encounter

As in the title – that was a GREAT REEF ENCOUNTER!
We are Europeans so at most of the time we are trying to predict and organize everything, with Reef Encounter it was diferent. The best part was that they took that responsibility this time. Although we were informed on any activity before it started so we couldn’t plan ahead, they organized everything perfectly. Thanks to the staff we had the best holidays ever!
We could be picky on quality of the room that we stay in (it differs to advert. photos) but if you are after great expirience on the sea then that is the place to stay over night!!!
Overal AAA++
Justyna and Slawomir