The Reef Encounter Advanced Adventure Dive Course is our most popular course for current scuba divers who wish to explore the Great Barrier Reef and improve skill levels during the trip.

How long does the Advanced Dive Course take and what’s involved?

advanced course
experience the thrill of a night dive

The Advanced Adventure Dive Course can be completed in 2 days (1 night) onboard Reef Encounter, although it is common for scuba divers to stay onboard longer and spread the 5 training dives out with fun dives in-between. Upon successful completion you will be certified as an Advanced Adventure Diver.

Five training dives in five different speciality areas are required to complete the course. These will include a night dive, a deep dive and a navigation dive, plus two other speciality dives. Depending on the length of your trip, all other dives you do will be as fun dives.


One of the biggest benefits of attaining your Advanced Adventure license is it extends the depth limit you are certified to dive to, to 30 meters (or 100 feet).

Food, accommodation, scuba equipment hire and tuition are all included in your trip and provided onboard M.V. Reef Encounter – Our premier choice dive boat! Optional extras are wet suits and prescription lens masks if you require them, which are available for hire onboard. Advanced Speciality Courses

Advanced Speciality Dive Courses

Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef Night Dive Reef EncounterAdditional Advanced Speciality Dive Courses are also available. Courses include full Night Diving Speciality Course, Deep Diving Speciality Course, Underwater Navigation Speciality Course and Diver Stress and Rescue Course amongst others. All courses have different duration periods.

For further information about the Reef Encounter Advanced Speciality Courses on offer, or becoming an SSI Dive Master or SSI Dive Control Specialist, email us at or call us on +61 7 4037 2700