We offer SSI Enriched Air Nitrox certification courses to qualified divers during your stay on board.

We also offer the course as an optional add-on to guests enrolled in an Open Water Course.

Upon successful completion of the dive course, you will receive a universally recognised qualification. This licence will enhance your diving experience for all future diving excursions where nitrox is available.

If you are not an advanced scuba diver, this qualification will move you one step closer to becoming one.

SSI Enriched Air Nitrox
Duration 2 days (3 – 6 hours)
Dives Up to 5
Certification 30 meters / 100 feet*
Class Size Stateroom – 7 Students to 1 Dive Instructor
Top Deck – Private Instructor to your booking party
Price $ 275


What does a nitrox certification course entail?

Cairns Nitrox Certification Course on The Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard, Reef Encounter DiveThe course entails theory-based learning to ensure that you understand the safety aspects involved in diving with nitrox, its benefits and its potential risks. The theory component will be conducted before your arrival to Reef Encounter as a short online training course.

Once onboard, you’ll complete a practical theory session with your nitrox Instructor. This is where you’ll discuss the online theory and make sure you are happy with your knowledge. You’ll practice some of the finer, practical applications with your Instructor. These include testing and analysing the oxygen contents of your tank before every dive and calculating your maximum operating depth (MOD).

You will complete one dive on enriched air nitrox with your scuba Instructor. Once all aspects of the course are satisfactorily complete – you are then a fully qualified Enriched Air Nitrox diver.


How many dives using nitrox are included in the course?

The minimum duration for an Enriched Air Nitrox certification course is two days, and one night spent onboard. Included in your course cost is all scuba dives using nitrox for the 24 hours that you are staying with us to achieve the certification.

If you are enjoying a two day, one night trip with Reef Encounter – this means that all your dives may be using nitrox, as part of the certification course.

Many qualified divers choose to stay with us for multiple nights. If this is the case, you will be using nitrox for the 24 hours that you are enrolled in the course. These dives on nitrox are included in your nitrox certification package. This is all dives from noon lunchtime on the day your course begins until noon lunchtime the following day.

For the additional time you enjoy at the reef with us, you may choose to book additional nitrox cylinder refills, or may dive on standard air tanks.

I am a qualified diver – Do I need certification in nitrox to dive with enriched air onboard Reef Encounter?

If you are a qualified diver, then yes you do. As with all scuba equipment, nitrox diving is excellent if used correctly and can add many incredible benefits to your diving experience. If misused, nitrox – like all else – poses potential dangers. Nitrox certification is mandatory for certified divers who wish to dive with nitrox.

I am doing my Open Water Course with Reef Encounter, can I add a nitrox qualification to my training?

Yes! If you are not already a qualified scuba diver, you can choose the option to become a Certified Scuba Diver onboard Reef Encounter. No additional time onboard is required to add a nitrox certification to your training. You’ll need to complete some additional theory before your trip. You may then enjoy the great benefits of diving with nitrox.

Opt for the ‘Lessons – Learn To Dive’ selection during your booking process and add on the additional ‘Nitrox Course’ option that appears.

About Enriched Air Nitrox Courses with Reef Encounter

Cairns Nitrox Certification Dive Course. Reef Encounter Liveaboard Boat AustraliaA Reef Encounter nitrox course will teach you all the necessary skills and knowledge to get the most out of diving with enriched air.

The ‘act’ of scuba diving with enriched air nitrox is physically no different than diving with normal air. You dive with a cylinder of enriched air precisely the same as you would with a tank of regular air.

The course ensures that you have the right knowledge to dive safely with nitrox. It covers all the fantastic benefits of diving with nitrox. These include the aspects of increased safety when diving with nitrox correctly, the circumstances in which you may scuba for longer durations before reaching no-decompression time limits and the potential for shorter surface intervals.

Probably the most notable benefit of using enriched air is that most divers report having much more energy after scuba diving than they would do otherwise. Having more energy during and after scuba dives greatly enhances your diving experiences – as most experienced divers know that a passion for the water can be a taxing sport!

The course also teaches the potential dangers of diving incorrectly with nitrox and how to ensure you avoid them. You will learn how to calculate your ‘MOD’ or ‘Maximum Operating Depth’. Your Instructor will teach you how to test the oxygen content inside your cylinder – a crucial skill that every nitrox certified diver must be comfortable doing before each nitrox dive. You will also learn relevant skills such as how to calculate ‘equivalent air depths’ or ‘EAD’.

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