Witness yourself how daybreak above the waves couldn’t be more different to what’s taking place beneath the surface…

Daybreak at the Reef Rise Early on Reef Encounter and make moments turn into lifelong memories as you marvel at the dawn sky. As peaceful first light breaks above the sparkling Pacific Ocean, it’s a perfect opportunity for relaxing and capturing those treasured holiday photographs.

As the sun rises over the Coral Sea, it’s rush hour for the creatures of the Great Barrier Reef…

Did you know that turtles rise to the surface every morning to take their first, long gulps of air after a night asleep underwater?

Go for an early morning snorkel or scuba dive and see life on the reef in a whole new light! Enjoy diving and snorkelling in pristine coral lagoons, viewing spectacular drop-offs and marvelling at the largest concentration of fish, marine mammals and underwater life than anywhere else on the planet!

You will be excited to see the daybreak at the Great Barrier Reef

The changing of the guard the early morning scuba dive and snorkeling sessions  all the nocturnal marine life an the diurnal marine life at once – its the  most exciting time of the day and most people who visit the Great Barrier Reef miss it – well not on Reef Encounter!

After an early morning water session breakfast is always full of excitement as everyone shares the stories of what they saw

We know that breakfast  is important on Reef Encounter and our onboard chef always reward us with delicious breakfasts

Interesting facts about Anemonefish

The stinging cells of anemones kill small fish on contact, then convey the prey to their mouths.

However Anemonefish also called clownfish live in their anemones and so gain protection for predators

An anemonefish cannot survive without a anemonefish

all anemonefish are born male and can change sex if required

A large clownfish anemone may live for over 100 years