We love the flavours of the tropics, mango and coconut tempered with the exotics like mangosteen, dragon fruit and lychee. Herbs are our chefs favourite compliment, the exquisite flavours of mint, basil, dill and then the more earthy notes of thyme and sage.


We like a continental and cooked breakfast, after all; variety and choice go hand in hand today, and we understand that breakfast is a personal preference, one of our favourites is:

Bacon, eggs, roasted vegetables, beans, fruit salad, choice of cereals, toast and a selection of jams.


We are staying with the running theme of choice for lunch and serving our fresh buffet, consisting of a variety of different salads changing daily, some of which are:


Rocket, poached pear, ricotta, lime and chilli salted cashews with lemon and honey vinaigrette
Roast Pumpkin with sumac, pinenuts and goat feta with pomegranate molasses
Papaya, lime, mint, chilli and peanut salad
Organic Quinoa, Cranberry, pinenut, mandarin and herb salad

Also changing daily is a selection of mains, which could be:


Pizza day


Dinner gets a little bit fancy, being the plated meal for the evening, take a seat, we will serve you.

Imagine casual sunset dining over the water, but with restaurant quality, delicious food and all your friends, both old and new are there to share it.

We use high-quality cuts of proteins and take pride in flavours and colours’ of the evening. We aim to cater for all dietary’s with care and respect and value each individual’s uniqueness and requests.


With that in mind, dessert is a little bit of fun for those with a sweet tooth.

Crème Brûlée
Lemon meringue
* * *
with a selection of ice cream and sorbets

This floating hotel is a lot of fun for a chef and the food lover alike, creative freedom and the ocean, what more could you want!

I guess you could say; we are inspired by the greatness of the Barrier Reef and all its wonder.