Norman Reef is 70 kilometres off Australia’s east coast, on the continental shelf, at the very edge of the Great Barrier Reef.

Norman Reef, our farthest north Outer Barrier Reef location, is easily one of Cairns’ most prized snorkelling and diving destinations. Norman Reef has shallow coral gardens, walls and drop-offs, swim-throughs, and caves, and one of the dive sites even has a small wreck. Divers and snorkelers will find plenty of diving and snorkelling opportunities on Norman Reef, which has multiple mooring locations.

The snorkelling and diving around Norman Reef are known for their crystal clear waters and incredible visibility, which can reach 30 metres (100 feet). Nudibranchs, reef sharks, bronze whalers, giant Maori wrasse, groupers, and a plethora of colourful tropical fish can be seen by divers and snorkelers.


Common species seen at Jorgensen Patch

  • Giant Maori wrasse
  • Bronze whalers
  • Nudibranchs
  • Whitetip reef shark