An ideal opportunity for Certified Divers to brush up on diving skills and keep current on any changes in dive training techniques and equipment developments. The course also covers how to complete your logbook and anything else you require an update with. Perfect for qualified divers of all experience levels

Not sure if you need a refresher course?
Talk to our friendly dive team onboard Reef Encounter, and you’re able to book this course on board too.

SSI Scuba Skills Update

Duration 1 hour
Dives 1
Price $50


Sunset on the Great Barrier Reef on Reef Encounter

A refresher dive course is recommended to people who haven’t been scuba diving in a while who wish to re-establish their confidence under the guidance of a dive professional

Once you have completed your Refresher Dive Course all additional dives you do with Cairns liveaboard, Reef Encounter, as a certified diver will be fun dives on the Great Barrier Reef. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your skills, gain experience and have some great scuba experiences! Alternatively, you may choose to enrol in one of our Advanced Dive Courses and develop your existing training further. read more

Anyone booking a liveaboard with scuba diving please check: Can I go Diving?
Some medical conditions can prevent you from diving in Queensland, Australia.


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