Cairns Scuba Dive courses on the Great Barrier Reef.

Reef Encounter is an SSI Diamond Dive Centre – the highest rating of SSI Dive Training Facilities. Our experienced instructors guarantee you receive the very best dive education. We take pride in our high training and safety standards.

All dive training is done while onboard Reef Encounter, cutting out the need to travel to classroom and pool facilities. We believe that by completing all scuba training on a liveaboard in the ocean, scuba divers have more confidence, comfort and experience than courses where a large portion of time is spent in a swimming pool. Plus, there is more time to witness the wonderful marine life when every part of your water training is conducted in the ocean!

The diving certification you receive is recognised worldwide and can be used wherever you wish to scuba dive across the globe.


Our SSI Dive Courses

Learn To Dive

Beginners learn all the fundamentals to help you become a confident and qualified scuba diver with our learn to dive course. No experience is necessary!
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Advanced Adventurer

Get your Advanced Adventure Certification and become certified to dive up to 30m (100ft)*! Includes dive training in five different dive specialty areas
More on SSI Advanced Adventurer Course

Nitrox Certification

An Enriched Air Nitrox certification course ensures that you have the correct knowledge to dive safely with nitrox and its amazing benefits. For qualified divers or Learn To Dive students.
More on SSI Enriched Air Nitrox Course

Rescue Certification

Enhance your dive skills and safety in the water by becoming a qualified Stress and Rescue Diver – one of the most prestigious and beneficial recreational licences. For qualified divers
More on SSI Diver Stress & Rescue Course

Scuba Skills Update

Refresh your existing diving skills and keep current on any changes in diving techniques and equipment – For qualified divers
More on SSI Scuba Skills Update Refresher Course

Referral Scuba Dive Lessons

Begin your Learn To Scuba Dive course anywhere globally and complete it on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef!
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Upcoming scuba diving courses

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Additional Certified Dives

Once you have completed the required number of training dives for your course, all additional dives that you do will be fun dives on the Great Barrier Reef with your new diving certification. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your new skills, gain experience, gain confidence and have some great scuba dives!

Top Deck Club Dive Courses in Cairns

For your Top Deck Club dive courses you have:

Private Tuition

You get private tuition with one scuba instructor to your booking party. If you book a Top Deck Club dive course, a crew member is assigned as your personal valet, who will also be your dive instructor for every step of your training. Their whole job is to look after you and cater to all your onboard and in-water needs.

Learn at your own pace

With the Top Deck Club, you are guaranteed that the pace of training suits your individual requirements. Working together with your personal scuba instructor on your dive course, you can choose which times of day you want to schedule your scuba dives and when you want to relax and enjoy being at the Great Barrier Reef.

Fancy a sleep-in? No problem! Want to go on a night dive just for fun instead of having to attend a theory class? You can with the Top Deck Club.

See Top Deck Club inclusions and benefits.


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