Night scuba diving experience the thrill

“Sink beneath the surface. Descend into darkness. The ambient light filters through the water and illuminates the descend line, although where it ends, I cannot see.

Our torches, strong bright beams that cut through the darkness, flicker and waver as they move and search for the creatures, we hope to find… Those luminous green eyes.

Like the depths of a forest, the reef also changes come nightfall.

The brightly coloured fish that populate it during the day, that shimmer and dance in the sunlight, disappear.

They hide in the corals and tuck away for the night, trying to survive until morning. What replaces them are the hunters, the predators, the sharks and the giant trevallies.

As we begin to descend, the giant trevallies appear in packs, and they dart through the water chasing our torch lights, hoping to catch a meal.

As we move our way through the reefs, they follow us, searching, hunting.

My torchlight falls over an unsuspecting fish that has dared to stay out after dark, and before I can blink the trevallies have taken him, they move quick.

Out of the darkness, I see the luminous green circles reflecting my torchlight back at me. They grow closer.

As they move towards me, the shape of their owner comes into the light, his stream-line body elegantly glides past me — the grey reef shark.

They are nothing to fear, he is not interested in me, I’m too big, it’s the little fish hiding that he seeks.

What a wondrous and amazing thing it is to swim alongside these beautiful creatures, to observe what some can only dream…

My torch scans the corals, searching for the other little critters that activate in the darkness, the small red eyes of crustaceans.

Crabs, slipper lobsters and painted crays scuttle out from their daytime hiding holes and they too search in the darkness for some tasty morsel to gobble up.

The atmosphere is different down here at night. In the day it is magical and freeing like flying in a heavenly dream. At night it is tense and exciting, like moving through a video game.

As we make our way back to the boat, I see it’s ambient green light, illuminating the waters around it, like a beacon in the darkness.

The silhouettes of other divers move through the light, ascending back to our home.

Back to the reality of our land living, air breathing life.

Night scuba diving

That’s it for one night, we will return come morning when the hunt is over and the light is back, and we will do it all over again. “