Click the link to open up an Australian Dive Medical that you can take to your Doctor:  AS4005.1 Reef Encounter Questionnaire


There are certain medications, medical conditions and health concerns past and present, which will require you to get a medical assessment conducted by a doctor before you will be permitted to participate in any scuba activities in Australia. This medical check-up must meet certain criteria in order for it to be accepted as your permission to dive within Australia. Option A and Option B below are provided so that if you need a medical check-up prior to scuba diving, you can select the more convenient method preferred by you

Option A) Medical Check-Up with your own Doctor

If required, the medical assessment may be conducted by any licensed Physician (i.e. your own licensed doctor), however MUST be conducted using the Australian Examination Form AS4005.1 – which we’ve attached at the top of this page for you to print out and take with you to your doctor

The doctor MUST use this form to conduct the assessment, and you MUST bring these completed forms with you on your reef trip. The Australian examination form must be completed in English, preferably by a medical practitioner with experience in diving medicine, within 90 days prior to your intended scuba dive

We strongly recommend that you use a medical center that specifically caters to scuba diving examinations, unless your doctor is fully versed with the practices involved in scuba diving

At the top of this page is the link to the Australian Medical Examination 4005.1 Form which MUST be used in order for the assessment to be accepted as valid on your Great Barrier Reef Trip

Option B) Medical Check-Up in Cairns

If you would prefer, or if your own doctor cannot complete the Australian form in English as required, then you may book to have your scuba diving examination in Cairns, prior to your reef tour. You won’t need to print the Australian paperwork – just book an appointment and attend the consultation

The cost is often lower than with your own doctor, as it is a common examination here. Pre-booking your appointment is strongly recommended

Please note that medical examinations are conducted by doctors at your own expense. The dive centre has no control over the results – if the doctor deems that you are not fit to dive then this decision is final and you will not be permitted to participate in scuba diving during your reef tour – however snorkeling is a great alternative

Medical Centers Cairns, specialising in scuba dive examinations

Cairns 24 Hour Medical Centre

Corner of Florence and Grafton Streets, Cairns Phone: +61 (7) 4052 1119 Email: [email protected]

Central Plaza Doctors

Corner McLeod and Aplin Streets, Cairns Ph: +61 (7) 4046 8600 Email: [email protected]

Cairns Central Medical Centre

112a Cairns Central Shopping Centre, McLeod Street, Cairns Phone: +61 (7) 4031 3717 Email: [email protected]