Resort scuba diving – also known as ‘introductory’ or ‘beginner’ scuba diving – is for guests who don’t hold a diving licence but wish to participate in fun scuba diving.

It’s a fun and safe activity, and no prior scuba diving experience is necessary. Whether it’s your very first time visiting the underwater world, or you’ve been scuba diving before – our professional Dive Instructors will guide you on fun and interactive tours around the pristine waters of the coral reef.

Resort scuba diving may also be the right option for those with a scuba licence, but the scuba licence is not a full Open Water Dive Licence or higher and therefore cannot dive as a fully Certified Diver. If you have a scuba licence but are not sure what level it is – you can contact us to assist you in finding the perfect Great Barrier Reef tour for you

*Anyone booking a trip which includes scuba diving please check: Can I go Diving?

Resort Diving Is An Unforgettable Experience

Reef Encounter - Coral AnemoneOur experienced and professional Scuba Instructors will guide you on underwater tours around pristine coral lagoons and ensure you experience the Great Barrier Reef beneath the waves in safety and comfort.

Resort diving is conducted in small groups with a maximum of four guests to one Scuba Dive Instructor. If you would like private scuba tours, you may choose to book your trip with the ‘Top Deck Club’, which includes a personal crew member solely assigned to your booking party for the duration of your stay. Try scuba diving on Reef Encounter, and you’ll be hooked for life!

Can Anyone Try Scuba Diving?

Most people can try scuba diving while on Reef Encounter. Age, medical and health restrictions apply for resort scuba diving in Australia – and are stricter than in many other countries.

If you are thinking about trying a scuba dive, please check out our Can I go Diving? Questionnaire to ensure that you are fit to dive according to Australia’s regulations for diving.

The minimum age for participating in a resort dive is 12 years old. The is currently no maximum age limit. However, scuba diving is a potentially strenuous activity and should be undertaken by fit and active people of all ages.

How many are scuba dives included with a resort dive package?

Duration of Stay Number of Scuba Dives Included
2 days, 1 night 4:   Up to 4 daytime scuba dives
3 days, 2 nights 7:   Up to 7 daytime scuba dives
4 days, 3 nights 10: Up to 10 daytime scuba dives
Each additional night 3:   Up to 3 additional daytime scuba dives


Not sure if Scuba Diving is for You?

If you’re unsure whether you would like to go scuba diving during your stay with Reef Encounter, please book one of our snorkel packages and then try our free scuba dive demonstration onboard and see if you are comfortable underwater.*

If you are, you can upgrade to one of our resort dive packages.

On Reef Encounter, it’s all about you – finding the best way for you to experience the Great Barrier Reef is what we’re all about!

Next, after you fall in love with scuba diving and exploring the coral reef.  Book to learn to scuba dive and complete your open water course.

Anyone booking a liveaboard with scuba diving please check: Can I go Diving?
Some medical conditions can prevent you from diving in Queensland, Australia.


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