Departing daily from Cairns, our Great Barrier Reef floating hotel offers excellent snorkelling.

During your stay, there will be several opportunities to explore the reef.  floating over the coral reefs will give you an amazing view of the reefs teeming with brightly coloured fish and coral.

What is snorkelling? The exercise of breathing though a circular tube called snorkelling while your face is underwater, seeing through a mask, usually with the use of fins.

If you have never snorkelled before don’t worry, our crew will be happy to give you some lessons.

Snorkeling on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is one of lives best treats, and the colours are breathtaking.  Coming face to face with magnificent marine life is something you will never forget.

Approximately two million people come to see the majestic Great Barrier Reef each year, many of them travel thousands of miles to experience the magic of the reef.  We can assure you one day is never long enough.

Great Barrier Reef

The most incredible reef system on earth, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, more than 3000 individual reefs and 400 islands make up the single latest eco-system on the planet. It is covering an area of 2300 kilometres up the east coast of North Queensland.

Staying on the Great Barrier Reef

By far, the best way to see the Great Barrier Reef is to stay on the reef.  Reef Encounter is a small floating hotel accommodating 42 people in 21 twin or double stateroom.  Life onboard consists of aquatic adventures all day for snorkelers.

Our Chefs cater for all dietary requirements and are always delighted to be preparing delicious meals showcasing the best of North Queensland’s produce.

After snorkeling spends some time in the heated jacuzzi, or head upstairs to work on your suntan.

Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Days start early on the Great Barrier Reef with our 6:30 am early morning session offering the best snorkel session of the day.

Next is a full breakfast and a chance to catch up with other guests to swap stories of what you saw on the first snorkel of the day.

While we are enjoying breakfast, the Captain and crew will be preparing to move to our next reef location.

8:30 am we will be ready to jump back in the water to experience a new reef location and an abundance of marine life.

There are further water activities at 10:30 am 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm. Choose to partake in all of them or relax and enjoy life onboard Reef Encounter.

Guided snorkel tours are available for anyone requiring in-water assistance.

Your Great Barrier Reef stay includes all snorkelling equipment and tuition.

Fun for the whole family

Reef Encounter liveaboard snorkel tours offer superb snorkel experiences to people of all ages and abilities.
Whether you are an experienced snorkeler or are new to this activity, the Reef Encounter team guarantee you a fun and safe way to explore Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

No experience necessary

If it’s your first time snorkelling or you require any in-water assistance, let our helpful team know, and they’ll guide you around the reef! Flotation devices such as noodles and life jackets are also available to make snorkelling easy.

Great Reef locations

All snorkelling locations are selected by the Captain each day based on the optimal snorkel and scuba diving conditions based on the weather.

Our snorkel tours offer five snorkelling sessions for every full day you stay. With plenty of time to snorkel, relax, try a glass-bottom boat tour and maybe even try a beginner’s Resort Scuba Dive – it’s up to you!

VIP Snorkeling Trips

The VIP Top Deck Club is the perfect choice for the best snorkelling on the Outer Great Barrier Reef

As a Top Deck Club guest, you have your very own valet for the duration of your stay. Your valet will provide you with private snorkel tours.

Snorkelling, see all the prime spots at a pace suits you.  While your snorkelling your valet will make sure you see the best of the reef.

Read more about Top Deck Club tours.

Learn about a natural wonder with a Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Ask our helpful crew about our commentated glass-bottom boat tours. Glass bottom boat tours are a great way to see the reef without getting wet.
(Glass bottom boat tours are weather permitting)

Included in your stay are all snorkel equipment, food and accommodation.
Optional extras are prescription lens masks and wetsuits are available for hire on board.


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